Hair extensions

You can choose between 40 different colors, usually 2-3 colors are chosen from a palette for the most natural outcome. Hair extensions suit all types of hair. Keratine is used for fixing the extensions to your hai. Strands are attached 1 cm from your scalp, the connections do not damage your hair. Later the strands are removed with a special agent. The length of the strand is roughly 40-60 cm depending on the thickness and length of your own hair. Usually 50 to 150 extensions are attached. The process takes approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of strands. The usual lifespan of the extensions is 6 to 9 months, after a while they should be replaced or taken off. Maintenance is almost the same as for long natural hair.

Hair extensions do not damage your hair in any way. If the work is done by a professional, extensions can even protect and train hair roots and skin. Our hairstylist completed the Keune training in 1999.

Whom does it suit?

Hair extensions are not suitable for everyone. The hairdresser must be sure that your hair can manage the weight. The procedure cannot be done right after coloring or other chemical procedures.

Miks võid juuksepikendusi vajada?

Esimeseks põhjuseks on kindlasti soov oma välimust muuta – lisades juustele pikkust, tihedust või erivärvilisi salke. Teine põhjus on kosmeetiline – soov varjata mõnd armi või peanaha kahjustust või tihendada hõredaid juukseid. Juuksepikendust võib soovitada ka siis, kui kliendil ei ole piisavalt juukseid, et teha kaunist romantilist pulmasoengut või kui tekib vajadus kliendi soengut kiirelt huvitamaks muuta.


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